Flea & Tick Subscription

Flea & Tick Subscription

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Protect your dog against adult fleas, and treats and controls flea infestations. The beef flavored chewables is fast acting and effective against fleas, breaking the flea cycle and eliminates fleas before they lay eggs to prevent future infestation. The oral treatment protects dogs against Lyme disease by controlling tick infestation. It is an easy to administer product that comes in a monthly dosage to protect your dog from infestation.


  • Treats flea and tick infestations
  • Starts eliminating fleas within 2 hours of administration
  • Breaks flea life cycle by killing fleas before they lay eggs
  • Treats and prevents paralysis ticks for one month
  • Highly palatable beef-flavoured oral tablet
  • Aids in the management of flea allergy dermatitis
  • Shipped monthly
  • Protects your home & family
  • 1 chewable tablet for fleas and Ticks (lasts monthly)

    Three steps to keep your pets happy and healthy

    Step 1 : Open 

    Double-check the dosage and remove tablet/s from the pack


    Step 2 : Apply

    Administer orally. If your pet prefers them in food, go for it!


    Step 3 : Repeat

    Repeat monthly. But no need to remember, we’ll deliver it when it’s due and gently remind you until it’s done. Easy


      FOR DOGS

      Flea & Tick
      Active Constituents: Lotilaner (Credelio Brand)

      APVMA Approval No: 82853/106969
      Products and Active Constituents may change without notice.