The monthly delivery of flea and tick prevention treatment. Our monthly delivery service makes it easy you to keep on top of regular treatments.

How often do you forgot treat your pet for fleas, ticks and worms? Our monthly deliveries are received exactly when you need them without having the hassle of remembering to order or buy them every month.

Nope, none of the our products require a prescription.

It's recommended to treat for for fleas, ticks and worms monthly. Our subscription service makes it easy for pet owners to stay on top of treatments. There may be situations when more frequent treatment is necessary, especially in worm infestations. If you have a persistent worm infestation, please chat to your vet. Also, if your cat lives with small children or those with auto-immune deficiencies, eats a raw diet or likes to hunt, vets recommend a monthly worming programme

In the early stages of infestation, the signs aren't easy to spot as the worms remain hidden inside your pet's gut which is why regular worming is important.
Look out for:
-Visible worms or eggs in the poop or fur.
-Pets being sick; check for visible worms.
-Bloated tummies.
-Lethargy, increased appetite and weight loss.
-Diarrhoea with blood.
-Itchy bottom and scooting (scooting is the official term for a pet dragging it's bum along the ground!).

Dogs become infected with roundworms by eating worm eggs from contaminated soil or stool, or by eating infected rodents. Hookworms are contracted by ingestion of microscopic larval by mouth or from larval entry through skin, usually on the feet.

Microfilariae must pass through a mosquito to become infective larvae. When the infected mosquito bites another dog, the mosquito spreads the infective larvae to the dog through the bite wound. Cats can also get heartworms after being bitten by an infected mosquito, although they are not as susceptible to infection as dogs. A cat is not a natural host of heartworms because the worms do not thrive as well inside a cat's body. Both indoor and outdoor cats are at risk for heartworm disease.

Treatment of roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms (including the hydatid tapeworm) and heartworm

Puppies should be treated at 2 weeks of age every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age. Thereafter, they should be treated every 3 months.
Alternatively, see your vet for advice.

It's not recommended to give a pregnant bitch all wormers during the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. Also please don't exceed the stated dose when treating a pregnant bitch. If you have further questions, please chat to your vet.

The signs of worm infestation aren't always obvious. That's why regular worming is important to keep your dog happy and healthy. Regular worming also helps reduce human infestations. Cats are natural hunters and tend to pick up worms from rodents.

Unfortunately, even if your dog never ventures outside, they can still be at risk for intestinal worms. Fleas and rodents can carry worm larvae, and it's often impossible to stop them from getting into your house. If your dog ingests an infected flea, common during grooming, or if they catch an infected mouse, they can become infected with worms.

Fleas can be infected with the larval stage of the flea tapeworm. If your dog swallows an infected flea, this could result in a tapeworm infestation. It is important to treat your dog for fleas alongside treating them for worms.

In extremely rare cases mild and short-lived digestive tract disorders such as excessive salivation and or vomiting and or diarrhoea may occur. It could also affect the nervous system with loss of balance being a symptom.

Your dog is at risk for intestinal worms throughout the year. Roundworm eggs that are passed into the environment from other infected pets are very resilient and can survive environmental extremes for a year or more. Dogs can also pick up intestinal worms from hunting and swallowing infected fleas.

Cleaning up your pet's poo regularly is a great way to reduce the risk. A single roundworm (Toxocara canis) can produce up to 85,000 eggs a day, and all these are excreted when your pet goes to the loo. Cleaning up poo removes these eggs from the environment so they're not able to infect other pets and possibly people.

The most common clinical signs of heartworm infection include: intermittent vomiting (sometimes of blood as well as of food); diarrhea; rapid and difficult breathing, Persistent coughing and gagging, all of which may be confused with kennel cough or some other bronchial disease (a heartworm- related cough is dry and persistent); loss of appetite; lethargy and weight loss.

If you have further questions, please chat to your vet.

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